Sounds Like Beer X Le Gourmet TV – Henderson Brewing Co

Episode 4 of the Le Gourmet TV series finds me in Toronto’s Junction, chatting with Steve Himel of Henderson Brewing Co. He fills me in on how they’re trying to resurrect Toronto history into their beers, and what he hopes to see Ontario brewers do to encourage growth of the industry among smaller brewers.


Nickel Brook Announces Collaboration with Arkells and Detour Coffee

Label Final.png

In preparation for Sessions Toronto and the Collaboration Nation contest, Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is excited to announce the details of their collaboration with Hamilton-based rock band Arkells and Burlington-based coffee roasters Detour Coffee. Called “Morning Brew”, the beer is a Brett Coffee Pale Ale made with freshly-brewed El Vendaval coffee from Costa Rica.

Inspired by their new album, Morning Report, and their love for great coffee, Arkells, Detour and Nickel Brook wanted to create a truly special coffee beer. Using a unique strain of Brettanomyces yeast , German and American hops, and freshly brewed Detour Coffee, the three parties have created a one-of-a-kind collaboration brew! Front-man Max Kerman and lead guitarist Mike DeAngelis joined brewmaster Patrick Howell and roaster Geoff Woodley a few weeks back to brew up 300 liters of coffee and blend it into the Brett Pale Ale. After ageing and mellowing, it came out perfectly!

Aromas of apricots and biscuits make way for a mouthful of toffee, pineapple, and gooseberry. Hints of jalapeno and chipotle are present, along with a distinctive coffee bite in the finish.

Working with the Nickel Brook design department, Mike DeAngelis also created an exclusive label that’s sure to become a collector’s item for fans everywhere. A true collaboration, this beer brings the science of brewing, the art of coffee roasting, and the creative spark of Arkells for an exclusive beer you wont find anywhere else.

Morning Brew will be premiering exclusively on tap at this weekend’s Sessions Toronto festival at Yonge and Dundas square. Fans can vote for the beer in the Collaboration Nation contest, with the winner receiving a one-year LCBO listing.

Le Gourmet TV x Sounds Like Beer @ Nickel Brook Brewing Co

My recent chat with great guy (and my boss) John Romano of Nickel Brook Brewing Co about how they went from traditional styles to gluten free and fruited beers to award winning IPAs and barrel-aged beauties.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co_revised identity

Click here to watch the latest episode of Sounds Like Beer

Le Gourmet TV x Sounds Like Beer @ Indie Ale House

My conversation with Jason Fisher of Indie Ale House, where we talk about how brewing beer in his high school science lab led to one of the best brewpubs in Ontario, why he only brews beers he likes, and the terror of putting stuff in barrels.

How To Make Award-Winning IPAs in Your Basement – Rainhard Brewing Co

Rainhard Brewing Co Podcast

Starting as an award-winning home brewer in his parent’s basement, Jordan Rainhard has quickly gained a reputation for crafting high-quality IPAs in a funky converted warehouse space in the Stockyards. His beers are bright and bold, exploring a diverse range of hop aromas and flavours while maintaining an approachable balance. Still very much a DIY startup, his equipment includes a handbill rigged to a power-drill for crushing grain, and his bottle shop is only open Friday to Sunday. That being said, Jordan has already made waves with some of the bigger brewers, including two collaborations with Beau’s in Vankleek Hill.


Le Gourmet TV x Sounds Like Beer @ Left Field Brewery

Introducing the first of many videos to come in a new collaboration with the good folks at Le Gourmet TV. We’re going to be taking the Sounds Like Beer approach to chatting about high-quality craft beer and combine it with their amazing video skills to create an entertaining, informative and fun new series! Check out our first interview below, with Left Field’s Mark Murphy and stay tuned for many more to come

How to Eat Better with Beer


Click the Photo to Hear This Episode

On this month’s episode, I sit down with Master Beer Sommelier Doug Appeldoorn to find out how pairing the right beer with the right food can elevate both to new heights. We were joined by one of my oldest friends, Allegra Swanson, herself a keen beer nerd and foodie, and had an amazing variety of meets, cheeses, chocolates and other dishes matched up with a pantheon of craft brews. Doug taught us about the “3 Cs” of food pairing, and why beer makes a better friend to cheese than wine ever will. Big thanks to Allegra for editing this month’s episode!

Beers featured:

Collingwood Brewery – Fireside ESB

Aech Schlenkerla – Rauchbier

Thornbury – Pickup Truck Pilsner (AKA King Pilsner)

Indie Ale House – Instigator IPA

Longslice – Hopsta La Vista IPA

Clifford Brewing – Porter

Mort Subite – Kriek

Wellington – Russian Imperial Stout

Trappiste Rochefort – 10

Doug: @schoolhousebeer & @douga71

Allegra: @ayoungvoice

Matt: @soundslikebeer

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How To Save The World While Brewing Beer


Steam Whistle is one of Canada’s largest craft brewers, and has been a pioneer in sustainability initiatives since they started. Given the increasingly environmentally-conscious world we live in, and the impact craft brewers can have on their local communities, I wanted to get an in-dept look at how a brewery can be both sustainable and successful. I had the chance to sit down with Sybil Taylor, head of communications for Steamwhistle, at the Roundhouse, and she toh how the company started down the sustainability path, some of the biggest initiatives they’ve engaged in so far, and plans for the future. It was a really fascinating discussion, and one that has a lot of great tips and ideas for smaller breweries and even non-brewing companies that would to be environmentally responsible. It was great to learn that helping the environment doesn’t have to come at a cost to your bottom line. Click the link below to listen now!

How To Save The World While Brewing Beer

How to Quit Your Job and Work for a Craft Brewery


We’re finally back for Season 2! After a long summer off, Sounds Like Beer is back and ready to talk all things Ontario Craft! In this episode, Matt sits down with Mick McNamara to talk candidly about how they quit their corporate jobs (on the same day!) to become reps for two of Ontario’s newest (and best) craft breweries. They talk about what made them finally leave their office jobs to try and shill suds across the city, how much less money they make, how to tell your parents you want to work for a brewery, and then convince you that it’s all worth it! If you are thinking of getting into the craft beer game, but don’t know how, this is the podcast for you. Click the link below, or find us on iTunes!

Podcast Ep. 10 – All About Homebrew

It’s been a month since my last episode, but I finally stopped running around long enough to put an episode together.

On this episode we’re talking all things homebrew with Mick McNamara and Doug Appledoorn. When you hear the word home-brew, I think a lot of people picturethose cheesy “U-Brew” places in strip malls where you can pitch yeast into an extract solution, and come back two weeks later to bottle some cheap, inoffensive lagers and red ales. But that’s not what home-brew is really about. These are artisinal, hand-crafted beers made with care and creativity in kitchens, garages and backyards all across the country. Blogs and forums dedicated to brewing have been popping up all over the internet for years, and homebrew suppliers are opening storefronts in high-rent areas. Clearly, home brewing is a key aspect of the craft beer revolution, and I wanted to know what draws people in to a hobby that can consume vast amounts of time, money and education, when there is so much great beer available in stores already. Take a listen to my chat with Mick and Doug, and I think you’ll understand why I’m so excited to try my first home-brew with them in a few weeks.


Doug: @schoolhousebeer

Mick: @collingwoodmick

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